Walt Disney World Resort packages for 2018!


The new Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Are you planning on traveling to Walt Disney World in 2018? The Walt Disney World 2018 packages are available to book starting June 20, so this is the  perfect time to think about next year’s magical vacation!

Contact Kingdom Planners and one of our wonderful agents will start making your Walt Disney World 2018 travel arrangements.  Tomorrow our agents will be up early getting each client exactly what they want and planning the vacation of their dreams!

Why book now?

It may seem too early to be thinking of next year’s vacation, but booking now has many benefits.  One of the most important benefits is that you have the best chance of staying at your favorite Disney resort and in your favorite room category. Would you love to see the new Happily Ever Fireworks from the comfort of your own room?  This is possible if you have a Cinderella Castle view room at your resort!

Plus, once your resort reservation is made, you can think about all the fun dining and recreation choices you would like to make – and be ready when your booking window opens.  The most popular restaurants and activities do book up quickly.

There is always something new at the Walt Disney World Resort and you don’t want to miss any of it in 2018. From the beauty of the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival in the spring to the magic of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party during the winter holidays – there is never a bad time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.  And – if you haven’t been to the new Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it is a must-see.  This new land seems to really transport you to another planet.

Request a free quote from Kingdom Planners to book your 2018 trip and we can get the fun started!

Liberty Tree Tavern – Thanksgiving at the Magic Kingdom, every day!

Liberty Tree Tavern


Have you ever craved a big, family-style Thanksgiving meal when you are months away from the actual holiday?  Time for you to visit the Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  At lunch and dinner, you can order an amazing meal full of comfort foods… even if you are dining solo – as I was!




The decor of this restaurant makes me smile.  I love the details of the individually themed rooms and it has a comfortable, homey atmosphere.




One thing that has changed since my last visit to this restaurant – adult beverages!  Some of the Table Service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom now serve alcohol, a major change from the traditionally “dry” eateries in the park.




I have to admit, on a hot summer day this Sam Adams was very refreshing – and I liked how this brand of beer fit the restaurant’s colonial theme.




At lunch, diners can choose from an a la carte menu filled with yummy entrees or go with the “Patriot’s Platter,” an “all-you-care-to-eat” menu.  At dinner time, all guests must choose the Platter.

As I had arrived in time for an early dinner, I had to order the “Patriot’s Platter” and I was not disappointed!

My meal began with soft, fluffy rolls that reminded me of the Sally Lunn buns I had enjoyed in England.




Then I “ate my vegetables” by having some of this “Declaration Salad” – fresh greens tossed with a house-made sweet dressing.  A bit too sweet for me, so I only ate a bit.  Not a problem, I knew the best was yet to come!




The main event is a platter filled with roasted turkey breast, pot roast, pork roast, corn, herb stuffing and mashed potatoes.




This is a platter for ONE person!  And my lovely server graciously asked me a few times if I wanted seconds of any portion (or all!) of it.

This meal was sooooo good.  I know it seems like I enjoy most Disney food so maybe I am not a reliable critic, but I am actually pretty discerning when it comes to my meals.  The turkey was my favorite part of the platter.  Very flavorful and juicy.  I would have been happy with just the turkey and stuffing (I am a big stuffing/dressing person).

The pot roast is a reliable classic at the Liberty Tree Tavern – with a luscious gravy and tender meat and they also got the corn and potatoes just right.

The only disappointing bite was the pork roast, which was a bit fatty.

And before I forget, there was a side of macaroni and cheese as well!  You will not leave this place hungry and the food is very accessible and enjoyable for children as well.  I know this dinner would be a hit with my picky eaters.




I REALLY wanted seconds of the turkey, but I knew that I wanted to eat my dessert more.  One of my favorite desserts on Disney property – the Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake!




This is just a warm, chewy toffee cookie/cake topped with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with fudge and caramel sauce and sprinkled with more toffee pieces.   This beauty is neck-and-neck with ‘Ohana’s bread pudding in the race to be my favorite restaurant dessert.

I really enjoyed my dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern and I’m sure you will too!  Do you prefer a la carte lunch items at this restaurant or would you “go for it” and get the platter?






Sneak Peek of the two new attractions at Pandora – The World of Avatar


Pandora - attractions


Kingdom Planners was thrilled to be invited to a “Sneak Peek” of the amazing new land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Pandora – The World of Avatar.

This new land includes two incredible new attractions.  The first, an “e-ticket” attraction, is Avatar Flight of Passage.  The second is a much more gentle ride named Na’vi River Journey.




During the preview, the stand-by wait was posted as 25 minutes… and luckily it was even shorter than that.  The queue itself takes about 5 minutes to walk through, even without a line!  I’m sure that the stand-by wait will be much more than 25 minutes once Pandora opens to the general public.  Get your FastPass+ now!




The queue was very well-themed.  There were so many details that it would be difficult to notice everything in only one or two rides.





The eco-friendly message is clear throughout the land of Pandora.




As you get closer to riding, there is more information on how humans can “link” to their Avatar.






A board tracks all of the human-Avatar links and where their banshees are located.




An empty queue line – this will be a very rare shot in another week!




Getting closer to riding a banshee!  You step on your assigned number and you are matched with your Avatar.






After the match, no more photos are allowed.  You are then led into a room where you are fitted to your banshee.  You put on your special (3D) glasses, are linked to your Avatar, and take the flight of your life!

In our opinion, the ride is not scary, but the illusion of flight may be too much for those who are afraid of heights. As one Cast Member put it, this attraction is “Soarin’ on steroids”!

If Avatar Flight of Passage is too much for some members of your party, or if you have young ones with you, then the Na’vi River Passage is the attraction for you.




Similar to “it’s a small world,” this attraction is a gentle boat ride.




Your journey takes you deep into a bioluminescent forest, where you see and hear the wonders of Pandora.




On your ride, you come face-to-face with the mystical creatures and glowing plant life of the rainforest.




At the end of your adventure, you meet the Na’vi Shamen of Songs.  She sends her positive energy out to the forest and to you as well.




The Na’vi Shaman of Songs is the most complicated Audio-Animatronics figure ever created by Walt Disney Imagineering and meeting her is an impressive ending to this attraction.




The two attractions in this new land are stunning and experiencing them is a must on any Walt Disney World vacation.  There is much to explore in Pandora – The World of Avatar.  In addition to the rides, there is the unique landscape to explore plus unique dining and shopping opportunities.

When are you planning your journey to Pandora – The World of Avatar?

Amazing Sneak Peek of Pandora – The World of Avatar


Kingdom Planners was fortunate enough to be invited to a “Sneak Peek” of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s newest land – Pandora – The World of Avatar!  We were so excited to be allowed into the newest land at Walt Disney World.


Pandora - The World of Avatar



As we walked past the security gates (the land does not officially open to the public until May 27th), we were greeted by official envoys of  ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions).  With their help, we were transported to a new world, Pandora.




We began our adventure by exploring the gorgeous Valley of Mo’ara.  Lush and filled with exotic flora and fauna, it is like nothing you’ve seen back on Earth.






The enormous floating mountains are definitely the focal point of this amazing landscape.







And although Pandora is beautiful during the day, the forest glows with bioluminescence at night – which will be even more spectacular!



KingdomPlannersPandora-35 KingdomPlannersPandora-36


I found a little banshee friend (you can find your own in the Windtraders gift shop).  You will notice that there are no “Disney” themed gifts available in Windtraders, as you have truly left Earth.  Even the shopping  bags are “Pandorian” – not from Walt Disney World or Disney’s Animal Kingdom.




So that is a preview of the wonderful Valley of Mo’ara area of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  In addition to the sights and sounds of the alien atmosphere, there will also be a Na’vi-built drum circle where you can play and new Wilderness Explorer badges and challenges.

This new world opens on May 27, 2017 and as a benefit to Walt Disney Resort guests, special Extra Magic Hours  for Pandora will be extended from 11pm-1am (through July 4th).

More posts are coming with information on the dining and attractions in this amazing new land.

When are you going to visit Pandora – The World of Avatar?


Best Long Weekend Ever – Adventures by Disney San Francisco trip!

Recently, I was lucky enough to experience the Adventures by Disney San Francisco long weekend trip.  It was an amazing experience for this type-A, professional “planner.”  For the first time in a long while I was able to completely relax and “enjoy the ride”.  With 2 unbelievably fun and competent adventure guides, I knew that every detail was handled and I could just have fun!

Adventures by Disney San Francisco


First, I arrived at the accommodations for the trip, the Omni San Francisco.  This lovely hotel is right in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district and a short walk from Chinatown, Little Italy and many other points of interest (it probably took me about 45 minutes to walk to the Fisherman’s Wharf area and Ghiradelli Square – but you can of course also take public transportation).  The service and rooms are top notch and I was very comfortable during my stay.




Day one of the itinerary has you meet in the lobby of the hotel at 2pm.  Soon, you are off on your first  adventure – a guided bike tour along the edge of San Francisco Bay!  This is something that I would never do on my own – a bit out of my comfort zone – but it was my favorite part of the whole trip.  We had an absolutely beautiful day for the ride and it felt so nice to be out in the fresh air, looking at the gorgeous scenery.  Plus, there is no better way to break the ice with the other members of your tour group than to get everybody on a bike!  Don’t be intimidated – lots of the adults were shaky on the bikes at first, but then quickly got into the swing of things.







Keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to do the bike ride.  Our Disney adventure guides made sure everybody was comfortable with any activity.  Those who didn’t want to go on the ride were welcome to with one guide on a  bus tour of the city while the rest of us went with our other guide (plus 2 guides from the bike rental company) on the bikes.  That is the beauty of having two guides with us on our trip – unusual for most tour companies.

We rode down into the Golden Gate Recreation Area and stopped to view the Palace of Fine Arts.




We continued to Fort Point and were treated to fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco itself.




At that halfway point, those who wanted to hop on the bus were able to do so (you could just leave your bike – I told you someone was going to take care of everything for you!) or you could ride back the way we came.  I was loving the bike ride so much that I decided to go for it and do the return ride.

Back on the bus, bottles of water and snacks are offered, and then we are off to get some more food!  After a bus tour of Chinatown, dinner is at M.Y. China – owned by celebrity chef Martin Yan (“Yan Can Cook”).   Executive Chef Tony Wu is the recipient of many culinary honors and is the first chef to set a record for pulling 16,000 noodles in two minutes!






This meal was family style and we were treated to everything on the special menu.  It was a lot of food!



AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-17Wonton Soup


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-18Salt and Pepper Calamari



Spicy Seafood Dumplings (really spicy!)


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-20Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-21Sichuan Green Beans


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-22Wild Boar Scissor Cut Noodles (so good!)


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-23Peking Roast Duck (probably my favorite)


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-24Seven Spice Pork Ribs


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-25Chicken Fried Rice


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-26Sugar Egg Puffs


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-27So good that it deserves two pictures!

On Day 2, you enjoy breakfast on your own – there is a nice restaurant inside the hotel and also many options just a short walk away.

Then you are off to Muir Woods National Monument for a beautiful, peaceful trip that allows you to take in the splendor of the giant redwoods.

Next, there is a visit to beautiful vineyard with a tour of the working winery. This part of the adventure is really fun as you get to “stomp grapes” and compete with others in your group to see who can get the most juice!  Lunch is served at the winery (included).

Dinner is on your own – which is a perfect opportunity to explore San Francisco.  One popular area to go to is Fisherman’s Wharf  – or choose a great restaurant in nearby Little Italy or Chinatown.

On Day 3, after a breakfast on your own, your Adventure Guides take you up to the Golden Gate Bridge and you can walk a portion of it if you like.  This is a great picture-taking opportunity.





Next, you take the ferry to Angel Island State Park and enjoy a guided tour.  This island was the “Ellis Island of the West” as it was a busy U.S. Immigration Station.  Lunch is on your own.

One of the most exciting parts of the tour is next – a visit to the Lucasfilm campus!  This is a great photo opportunity and it is wonderful for any Star Wars fan to just “breathe the same air” as the talented filmmakers who are working at this location.


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-29Master Yoda!

AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-33Is there someone behind me??




After all of this fun, you are off to the Walt Disney Family Museum for a privately guided tour. Explore all of the exhibits and then shop for some special merchandise in the gift shop.



The farewell dinner is at One Market, which specializes in market fresh, California cuisine.




AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-39Our Adventure Guide’s favorite bread!


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-40Farmer’s Market Salad (oh yes – and the wine is included too!)


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-41Natural Angus New York Steak


AdventuresbyDisneySanFrancisco-42New York Cheesecake

Overall, this was an amazing long weekend.  The amount of ground Adventures by Disney covers is fantastic, and would be hard to duplicate without the expertise of our Adventure Guides.  Unexpected things do happen when one is on vacation, and the Guides are there to take care of everything and let you go back to having fun – no stress at all for you – the guest!

There are so many good things to say about Adventures by Disney – so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions – either here through the blog, or through the Kingdom Planners email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  This is a great way to see San Francisco (and other locations around the world as well) and I would be happy to discuss all of the options with you.

Have you ever taken an Adventures by Disney trip?  I would love to hear your experiences as well!