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Paint the Night parade to end its run at Disneyland in September (but will return select nights this holiday season!)

On September 5th, the very popular Paint the Night parade will be turning out the lights. To see this special event, some of you may be able to squeeze in a last minute trip to Anaheim, visit during the holidays - or - hope that the parade makes an appearance in Orlando next year. 

Disneyland Park fans will not be without first-class evening entertainment for long, as it has been announced that the Main Street Electrical Parade will return to Disneyland for a "limited time" encore performance early next year.  Since the Main Street Electrical Parade is currently showing at Walt Disney World (and will end its run on October 9th), that will leave a blank spot for an evening parade.  Paint the Night?  The return of SpectroMagic?

Although every guest has a favorite parade, they are all simply spectacular.  Paint the Night goes over-the top with over 1.5 MILLION sources of light, and is the first parade lit almost entirely be LED lights (incandescent lighting is used on Tinkerbell's wand and Rapunzel's lanterns).

For those of you who didn't get a chance to see Paint the Night parade during its original run, here are a few pictures and some trivia tidbits... 

Tinker Bell's wand is topped off with a rosette lightbulb from the original 1972 Main Street Electrical Parade!
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Disney Dining Review - D-Luxe Burger - Disney Springs

‚ÄčOn our latest trip to Walt Disney World the first thing on our list (after checking into our resort) was to enjoy lunch at the new D-Luxe Burger in the Town Center section of Disney Springs.

Classic Cheeseburger (Signature Blend Beef Patty Topped with Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato and Pickle)

With hot, tired and hungry kids in tow, the cute burger shack was a welcome sight!  We were all running low on fuel from our early morning flight and we knew that some burgers and fries would hit the spot with our group. 

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